From the Edinburgh Feminist Network…

Feminist groups are springing up around the UK – in this guest post, the women behind the Edinburgh Feminist Network talk about their origins.

EFN.jpgA year ago this spring, the seeds for a new feminist group were planted in Edinburgh. Women were drawn together by the shared goal of organising the first Reclaim the Night march in that city in at least a decade. As the group grew and discussion flourished, the planning team decided that there was much more that they wanted to do as a group. The women were not content to watch the political and social world go by; they wanted to tackle issues and create a space for women of all backgrounds and lifestyles. They decided to form the Edinburgh Feminist Network.

Members of EFN do not believe that feminism is a ‘dirty’ word or a movement of past decades. Rather, they believe that feminism is a crucial response to today’s society at a personal, local and global level. More than that, feminism is embedded into the lives and consciousness of the members of EFN. This group has provided many women with a place to go to be supported, explore new ideas, struggle with difficult topics, become politically active and enjoy the company of women with similar interests and passions.

Since its formation, EFN has grown into a hard-working collective. They accomplished their goal of organising a very successful Reclaim the Night March and Rally, which took over the streets of Edinburgh last October 11th. They also put on a fundraiser Ceilidh and host monthly discussion groups. The discussion group topics thus far have included such themes as Body Image and the Pornification of Young Women. This year has started out strong for EFN, with many events and discussions planned in the coming months. They warmly encourage new women from all backgrounds and levels of experience to become involved.

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