Hooters update: Round one to the yapping virgins!*

I am delighted to announce that the No to Hooters in Sheffield campaign have successfully persuaded the developers not to take on Hooters in Sheffield’s Leopold Square. Of course, the articles in the local and national press, over one thousand signatures on our petition, a live debate on national radio and a substantial feature on the local BBC evening news programme which got thousands of people discussing the issue had nothing to do with their decision:

…we do not agree with the negative publicity and misconceptions surrounding the Hooters brand. Indeed, we consider that a well-run sports themed restaurant serviced off of West Street would fit in well and add a different dimension to those operators already present.

Quite how Hooters can be interpreted as a sports themed restaurant when they openly promote themselves as being based on female sex appeal, I have no idea, but even if the developers (officially, at least) are buying the PR people’s line, this campaign has allowed us to get the issue of female sexual objectification and its influence on women’s lives to a wide public audience, and we’re all really rather chuffed.

Of course, we’re under no illusion that this means Hooters will give up trying to open in Sheffield, but they should know that we mean business and they’re in for some tough times ahead if they think they’re bringing their retrograde, sexist excuse for an eating establishment to the Steel City.

*Just one among many delightful insults left by male Hooters fans on our facebook page.

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