How to be a feminist boyfriend? And other questions

A reader wrote into the blog Feministe with the question “how do I be a feminist boyfriend?” The comments thread is going strong, but Bitch PhD has some particular advice worthy of passing on, including this:

Dick Move #2: Being patronizing about her anger. Manifestations include “ooh, someone’s angry,” “getting a little testy, are we?” and “whoa, there, tiger!” Given that women are socially conditioned not to display, nay, not even to feel anger, you better believe that when your partner is angry, she means it. If her anger surprises you, say so: “I’m surprised you’re so angry. What’s going on?” If you expected it, then you can just proceed from there.

This is part of the new(ish) Feministe Feedback section, which is proving very good. Previously, the blog has addressed “how to start a successful feminist blog”, finding journals that publish articles by feminist men, etc.

And while we’re on the theme of advice columns, Lesbilicious has great regular feature on readers’ questions. Most recently I’m a lesbian, my mum can’t be!

Of course, we have our own Ask a Feminist section as well.

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