Laura to guest edit The F-Word Blog while I go on holiday!

Just a quick service announcement, folks: Laura is going to be guest editing this blog for two weeks starting on Saturday.

This is because I’ll be in San Francisco from the 8th to the 21st of November (back in time for Reclaim the Night, of course!), visiting family and friends (hence the photo of the mural on the amazing Women’s Building in the Mission District).

In the past I’ve just sort of muddled through if I’ve been travelling or other demands have meant I couldn’t pay close attention to the site. But experience has taught us that it’s probably a good idea to have someone ‘on duty’ (although none of us blog or contribute to this site full time, of course) so that I can take a proper break. I might blog occassionally, but Laura has kindly agreed to step in as ‘guest editor’ this time…

Photo by jon starbuck, shared under a Creative Commons license