Tesco And Me

Somehow or another I have failed to tick a box somewhere online and I have been added to a mailing list run by Tesco. Today their marketing director Kendra Banks has written me with some recommendations. Her first pick for me is Eminem’s new album “Relapse”.

This album’s title track includes some interesting lyrics, like this one:

“he stuck the bitch with the pitchfork with the long prongs”

I wonder how this fits with Tesco’s fancily worded policy on diversity and inclusion: gender?

But maybe lyrics about killing women pale into insignificance next to some of the other things he says in the very same song. Such as these:

“Slice you up and cook you after you`re murdered by strangulation

That`s bacon souffle you makin`, ain`t you? well, thank you jason

There goes one more coma

Due to blunt force trauma”

“The medication is making my hands a little shakier

Hand me the 18 month old baby, come shake `em up

It`ll only take me a second to choke his trachea

Breakin` his neck in eightysome places”

Maybe someone could print out the above stanza and put it in Tesco stores next to the nappies and baby food? Or maybe Kendra Banks should double check what is being sent out to Tesco customers with her name on the bottom!