Boris rape crisis funding update

UPDATE: Croydon’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre has asked us to publiish their number for any women that may be finding the increase in press coverage difficult. Their national freephone number is 0808 802 9999 and they are open every day of the year between 12-2.30 and 7-9.30

So, the good news is that Ealing is set to get a new rape crisis centre, and Croydon will be getting extra funds.

The bad news is that the funding is going to be much less than originally promised. Via Tory Troll, this is the breakdown:

1. The Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre in Croydon will receive £260,000 over the next three years

· 2009/10 – £60k

· 2010/11 – £100k

· 2011/12 – £100k

2. If plans get the go ahead Ealing Council would receive a £375,000 contribution over the next three years towards delivering a new rape crisis centre.

· 2009/10 – 65k

· 2011/12 – £155k

· 2011/12 – £155k

So that’s £619,000 less on rape crisis centres this year than he originally promised, falling to £489,000 less than he promised by the end of his term.

Local councils are going to be stumping up the rest of the cash:

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