Bristol Tories brand lottery grant to youth LGB group “outrageous”

Call me naive, but I would’ve thought that most people would be hard pressed to find fault in the National Lottery’s decision to award almost £400,000 of funding to EACH, an award-winning charity dedicated to combatting homophobic bullying. Apparently not:

Richard Eddy, who heads the opposition Conservative group on Bristol City Council, said: “I think this is a mistaken and misguided, outrageous waste of money. Sadly, it seems to be further confirmation that the Big Lottery has long since ceased to impartially distribute lottery cash to worthwhile and respected causes, instead it seems obliged to dole out punters’ money to a raft of politically correct lobbies which clearly sit within the Labour Government’s priority.”

The Bristol Evening Post is no more supportive, asking ‘…so you call this equality?’ Quite how the blatent inequality in attitudes towards young peopleʼs sexuality – the fact that kids and teens arenʼt bullied for being heterosexual – managed to escape the editors is beyond me. Though a commenter does point out that the paper is owned by – you guessed it – the Daily Mail, which might have something to do with it. (I don’t recommend reading the comments section unless you have a VERY strong stomach, it’s homophobe central.)

The money will go towards youth training and support groups:

EACH’s executive director, Jonathan Charlesworth, said: “Each’s lottery win, in the year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, is most welcome.

“Far too many homophobically bullied gay young people leave our schools with few or poor qualifications, regardless of their actual academic potential.

“This initiative strives to build confidence in the very institutions set up to nurture them. We want to see many more young people thrive, realise their academic and social potential and engage positively in all aspects of life. Each and every young person participating in this initiative will be encouraged to become the best person they can be.”

Good stuff.