Feminism’s right here!

I just came across this article, When feminism went nuts, bemoaning the lack of feminism in 2009. The author, Janice Turner, identifies the issues many young feminists are worried about – body image, the influence of pornography and the spread of the sex industry – but somehow manages to conflate raunch culture and young women’s supposed acceptance of the rhetoric of faux-empowerment with feminism:

The most unlikely things are now classed as “empowering”: buying shoes, taking a pole-dancing class, having a boob job, sending a snap of your breasts to Nuts magazine, entering one of the beauty contests newly revived across British campuses. That these are the kind of dumb-ass submissive practices long performed for male view, is, it seems, coincidental. Feminism 2009 means acting out male masturbation fantasies — because you want to.

Um, no. That might be the way some young women and girls learn to explore their sexuality due to the influence of pornography and sexism, but it’s got nothing to do with feminism.

She does profile anti-objectification campaigners, Object, but seems to think there’s no other young feminists out there, that it’s only her generation (she doesn’t say how old she is) that cares about feminism any more. Luckily, there’s a live chat starting at 1pm, so I’m off to shine a little ray of hope her way!

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