Further to marykmac’s post on Monday, the Manchester Pride organisers have now cancelled Danny Dyer’s DJ appearance on Saturday evening. Pride Chief Executive John Stewart said:

Danny Dyer has a clear appeal to a section of the LGBT community and his past controversy was now behind him. However, we’re aware his inclusion has caused some upset and anger amongst others so we have listened to these concerns and have subsequently withdrawn him from the Manchester Pride main stage line-up. We realise there will be some who wished to see Danny perform who will be disappointed by this news.

So no apology, and it all seems rather begrudging to me, but at least they listened. Anyone else get the feeling he cares more about the disappointed Gs than the female Ls, Bs and Ts who felt marginalised and offended by the original decision to include Dyer?

Photo of Pride flags by mag3737, shared under a Creative Commons licence.