Laura welcomes our first two guest bloggers for 2013

 We had a fantastic response to our call-out for guest bloggers in November, and as a result we will be running two bloggers per month for the full twelve months of 2013! If you applied but haven’t heard back from us yet, don’t worry: we’ll be in touch shortly.

Without any further ado, I’d like to welcome our first two guest bloggers, Thé Tulloch and Rachel Munford. You may remember Rachel from her post on the pressure to have children, back in November, while Thé is new to The F-Word.

Thé is a geek culture enthusiast and mermaid obsessive, who currently lives in Nottingham spoiling her gerbils. She blogs over at The Boring Shiksa posting pictures of cats, pretty girls, and passionately overanalysing interactions between her favourite fictional characters. Thé can also be found online @audiograms on twitter.

Rachel is an 18-year-old journalism and creative writing student. She enjoys reading, writing fiction and poetry. Her interest in feminism was sparked after encountering some rather perplexing sexist behaviour and reading Kat Banyard’s The Equality Illusion. Since starting university, she has finally realised that sometimes you need to speak up or you won’t be heard.

Close-up photo of a black computer keyboard by, shared under a Creative Commons licence.