Introducing the guest bloggers for June

Thanks so much to Molly Arthurs for being our guest blogger throughout May. If you’ve enjoyed their posts, you can follow them on Twitter @mollyarthurs.

This month, our guest blogging spot is a little different. Instead of one individual, we will be posting contributions from several A level students, coordinated by their teacher. I’ll let her introduce the group.

KS5 PolSoc is a group of A level students studying social sciences in a variety of secondary schools in Kent. They contribute to data collected on the Twitter feed for KS5 PolSoc @msnotmrsormiss.

Many these students will have spent their education in single sex schools until now. Joining mixed Sixth Forms has brought challenges for both girls and boys.

Embarking on A level sociology and politics has exposed students to feminism properly for the first time. In these blogs students try to use what they have newly discovered about gender politics to examine the aspects of their lives. Many of the boys find themselves the first men in their families to look critically at gender identities. Many of the girls find themselves joining boys’ schools where their minority status brings startling challenges.

As a the teacher coordinator, I wanted to do this blog as a homage to those feminists who fought to keep feminism on the A level syllabus last year. Teaching boys about feminism is vital if we are to improve our homes and workplaces.

I’m really looking forward to reading the perspectives of KS5 PolSoc – welcome to the blog, all of you!

Although we’ve selected all the monthly bloggers for the year, there are still lots of ways to contribute, with blog posts, features or reviews. Get in touch if you’re interested!

The image is by Sandy Millin and is used under a creative commons licence. It shows a road sign warning of a school nearby. The sign is a triangle, with a red outline, white background, and black silhouette figures of an adult holding a child’s hand. Under the triangle is a rectangle sign that reads “School”. In the background, there are leafy trees. It is sunny and the sign is dappled with light.