Welcome new editors!

The F-Word is thrilled to welcome seven new editors to the team: Fliss Alma (social media), Kathryn Creith (features), Leah Cross and Zoe Turner (fiction), Olivia Logan (non-fiction), Sojourner McKenzie (music) and Vicky Wright (podcasts). Some sections that have been lying dormant, like fiction and music, will be revived, and an entirely new podcasts section has been created. We hope you’re as excited as we are for the content they’ll be commissioning and creating.

In their own words:

Fliss Alma ([email protected])

Fliss was introduced to feminism through reading a second-hand copy of The Female Eunuch as a precocious 10-year-old, and happily adopted the label of feminist. Thankfully, her feminist education expanded a lot and she embraces an inclusive, intersectional approach that focuses on social justice and equity for all.

By day, she works in comms for a large national charity in London, by night she reads, watches trash TV with her flatmate and continues her ongoing search for the perfect red lipstick. You can follow her on Twitter at @felicity_alma.

Kathryn Creith ([email protected])

Kathryn Creith is an aspiring journalist in the world of news and politics. Originally from Northern Ireland, she has recently moved to London and is enjoying navigating the city life. Her passion for feminism began during her university degree, in English Literature. Her favourite female writers include Maya Angelou and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

She also loves exploring new places, coffee dates with friends, Pilates and a good Netflix series.

Leah Cross ([email protected])

Originally from Manchester, Leah lives in London and worked as a literature programmer before joining a human rights charity that supports writers and artists. She occasionally writes fiction and likes to read books written by women.

She sometimes tweets @leahleahcross.

Zoe Turner ([email protected])

Zoe works for an independent publisher in Manchester. She is the co-host of spoken word night ‘Verbose’, and co-editor of The Book of Newcastle. She is a writer of prose and poetry, with work published at Dear Damsels and The Grapevine. You can find her on Twitter at @zoelizturner.

Olivia Logan ([email protected])

Olivia is from Edinburgh and lives in Berlin.

She likes eating vegan food, reading Zadie Smith books, comedy, learning languages, swimming in lakes and socialist feminism.

Sojourner McKenzie ([email protected])

Sojourner McKenzie is a writer/editor with ‘chaotic bisexual energy’, according to some guy at a party. She loves movies, music and socialism. Please send all fan-mail to @tinyblondesojo.

Vicky Wright ([email protected])

Vicky is a Leeds-based podcast and radio enthusiast. She can normally be found on a long walk in the Dales with her headphones on, or driving round the country to visit friends scattered around the UK. She’s been doing student radio for 4 years and volunteering for a podcast production company since leaving uni so find her on Instagram or Twitter for some top recommendations.

We’re so excited to have such brilliant feminists on board, watch this space!

Photo by Christina Morillo, used with permission, courtesy of Pexels. 

This shows a woman typing on an Apple laptop. The photo is taken from her left and you can see the her hands and part of her torso. She has long box braids. She is wearing a blue patterned top and a black and gold watch.