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Transgender woman’s rights breached, rules High Court judge (Alan Erwin, News Letter)

How transphobia found a home on TikTok (Beatrice Hazlehurst, i-D)

The ‘super straight’ campaign taking over TikTok is actually just ugly transphobic trolling (Morgan Sung, MashableUK)

This vile article in the Times shows us why we must unite to stamp out anti-GRT racism (Sophia Purdy-Moore, The Canary)

A month of free films by Palestinian Women for a free Palestine (Another Gaze)

How Palestine is a Critical Feminist Issue (Nada Elia, Middle East Eye)

Tarana Burke is just trying to do her work (Shamira Ibrahim, The Cut)

From the article: “As the [Me Too] movement continues to confront the harm exacted on Black lives, the question lingers: How do we establish a framework to protect Black survivors, particularly those who aren’t established public figures?”

The image is used under a creative commons license with thanks to Kieran Clarke on Flickr. It is a photograph that shows an outdoor art installation, featuring multiple green, blue and red umbrellas hanging on a square metal structure suspended in the air.