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Open letter demands council ‘honours workers’ rights’ by not banning strip clubs (Martin Booth, B24/7)

Michaela Coel and FKA Twigs back calls for police training to better protect black women from domestic abuse (Poppy Wood, inews)
(Corresponding petition here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/578416)

Culture Club: Watching Kangyu Garam’s Documentaries (Ania Ostrowska, Club des femmes)
About the article: Ania Ostrowska is looking at the robust, although often critically snubbed, genre of feminist activist documentary, as seen in the work of one brilliant Korean documentarian, Kangyu Garam. High-octane feminist emotions guaranteed!
Ania is also currently a contributing editor for The F-Word and more of her work can be read here: https://thefword.org.uk/author/ania-ostrowska/.

U.S. Soccer offers equal pay to USMNT and USWNT…kinda? (Sam Fels, Deadspin)

LGBTQ Agenda: New Gay Liberation Front criticized for stances on trans rights (John Ferrannini, Bay Area Reporter)

Content warning: transphobia.

About the article: A new national group taking the name of a Stonewall-era gay liberation organization is not the same as that historic organization.

Event: NORTH, SOUTH, EAST & WEST: WHEREVER YOU LIVE GAY IS BEST (Newington Green Meeting House, London: event, 18 Oct, 19.00)

About the event: “In the 1970s members of the gay liberation front lived in communes at all four compass points.

“The queen’s road (bounds green) commune in the north, the railton road (brixton) commune in the south, the bethnal rouge (bethnal green) commune in the east, and the notting hill commune in the west.

“Host dan de la motte chats to the artists and activists that lived and loved in these communes 50 years ago, and shared everything; clothes, money, food, ideas and lovers.”

The image is used under a creative commons license with thanks to Let Ideas Compete. It is a close-up photograph of a pile of red, orange, yellow and green autumn leaves.