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24 Hours, 24 Women, 24 Stories | “H24” streaming exclusively on ARTE.tv (Arte TV)

About the project: H24 – a series of short films – has just launched on ARTE.tv. The stories presented are all based on real-life experiences and each provide a glimpse of everyday misogyny and micro-aggressions which, sadly, are all too common. 24 internationally acclaimed writers and 24 exceptional actresses, including Diane Kruger, Noémie Merlant and Camille Cottin, bring these stories to the screen. Each film is just a few minutes long but those minutes make a real impact.

ITV News investigation exposes racism in social housing sector (ITV)

From the article: “”Staff say ‘We need to speak to housing and tell them residents have to live like English people live, and not abuse our properties and if they don’t want to live like us, they can be evicted and go back to where they came from’.”

We need to debunk myths about employing disabled people (Amrit Dhaliwal, Leonard Cheshire)

From the article: “I was made to feel that I should be grateful that at least I would be getting a job.”

The secret court case 50 years ago that has robbed transgender people of their rights ever since (iNews)

From the article: “‘I knew that in the past, trans people had corrected their birth certificates,’ she says. ‘All the way through up to 1970, the path was: self-identify, get affirmative medical care, correct your birth certificate, and live equally. After 1970, that’s gone.'”

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