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Blog: Planning for the Future – Public Spaces and Empty buildings, Our Creative and Social Currency (Tin Shed Theatre Co)

From the article: “When we strip this back, what we are discussing here are human values, and the potential to approach rebuilding a cultural, socio-economic infrastructure in response to a value system based on basic human needs rather than archaic planning habits built on capitalist frameworks.”

Open Letter: Dancers Respond to Rosie Kay’s Article in the Times (Cast Members of Rosie Kay’s Romeo + Juliet, Medium)
[CN: Transphobia]

From the article: “This whole incident highlights a number of key issues with our arts sector. Firstly, Arts Council England are unaware of how their NPO’s (National Portfolio Organisations) are treating other artists. Secondly, that artistic, liberal spaces are still not safe and inclusive for all. Lastly, that freelance artists have little to no protection whilst under a contract or in a creative process. There is an enormous amount of pressure put on artists to be resilient in order to make up for the fragility of the sector. That resilience and emotional and physical investment is far too often abused and taken for granted.”

Women in prison falling through gaps in feminist funding, report finds (Lizzy Davies, Guardian)

What Happens When Therapists Bring Their Own Gender Bias Into Client Care (Saumya Kalia, The Swaddle)

From the article: “When practitioners frame the person as the problem, the intent is to change the individual’s thoughts, attitudes, or behaviors while saying nothing of patriarchal structures that cause the problem. The end result is the person internalizing all of this — ‘to such a level you don’t even identify [Savarna patriarchy] this is causing you pain thus becoming an enabler of brahminical patriarchy. Then you’re sort of perpetrating and enabling it in some way,’ Rachelle explains. ‘It’s not acknowledged, discussed, or spoken about.'”

Explainer: What is ‘crisis pregnancy’? (Elena Reimeryte and Lou Ferreira, OpenDemocracy)

From the article: “‘Crisis pregnancy centre’ (CPC) is a term used to describe public-facing operations run by organisations whose primary goal is to dissuade people with an unplanned pregnancy from accessing abortion care.”

Pregnant in prison: Why it’s time for change (Nandini Archer, OpenDemocracy)

bell hooks remembered: ‘She embodied everything I wanted to be’ (Guardian)

A life in quotes: bell hooks (Adrian Holt, Guardian)

‘2.4C is a death sentence’: Vanessa Nakate’s fight for the forgotten countries of the climate crisis (Zoe Williams, Guardian)

How we end violence against sex workers (Niki Adams and Laura Connelly, Red Pepper) [International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, 17 December, 2021]

Protests In London As Sex Workers Push For Justice In Agnes Wanjiru Murder (Kahawatungu)
[CN: violence, murder]

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