Goodbye for now

The history

The F-Word was founded in 2001 by Catherine Redfern as a place for UK feminists to write, think and discuss ideas. Since then, it’s been through a few iterations – most recently existing as a magazine-style website, managed by a group of volunteers sharing the tasks between us.

During these 21 years we’ve published and done some amazing things. We’ve been mentioned as one of the 50 most powerful blogs in the world, as well as elsewhere. We have posts on our site from amazing writers such as Reni Eddo-Lodge, Kaite Welsh, Bidisha, Carrie Dunn, Joanna Whitehead, Holly Combe and Steph Phillips from Big Joanie. Catherine published a book. We were one of the first feminist groups in the UK to explicitly say we were trans inclusive. We’ve taken a stand against disablist language, moved to be sex work positive and we’ve always really cared about good writing!

The world today

It’s clear that the feminist project is by no means over. Sexism is deeply rooted in our institutions, culture and language – and in the hearts of misogynists clinging desperately to their untenable ways of seeing the world.

The concerns of feminism go beyond sexism alone, though. As they should. Today in the UK politicians are tripping over themselves to make sure we know that they are transphobic, foodbank use is higher than ever and the police continue to use their powers to disproportionately target people of colour. Until we have overcome racism, disablism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ageism and all other forms of prejudice, feminism will still be needed.

Having said that, how feminism is discussed in the UK and across the world has changed a lot. In 2001 almost nothing was being written about feminism in the mainstream press, and what there was pretty negative. Now we have intersectional feminist articles being published in Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Mixmag. That’s something to celebrate. Maybe The F-Word was part of that change over the past 20 years. We hope so at least!

The future of The F-Word

While this shift has been great to see, right now we at The F-Word need to take a break. Perhaps we’ll be back in a different form in the future, or perhaps we won’t. But in any case we will make sure our archives remain available for as long as possible. Honestly, have a search through the back catalogue; there’s some great stuff there!

To keep your feminist fires burning while we are having a pause, check out these awesome groups and sites:

Thank you to all our current editors, past editors and all our fantastic writers. Let’s continue to smash the patriarchy.

The feature image is by Fab Lentz on Unsplash. It shows a yellow neon sign with the words “Go up and never stop” above an upwards-pointing arrow on a black background.