About The F-Word

Who are we?

Want to find out more about the editorial team behind The F-Word? Then read on! If you want to see a full list of contributors, this is the place you need to click.

The editorship of The F-Word has been rotated between our editorial team since 2013. Our current editor is Lusana Taylor and her term started in July 2019. The previous rotating editors have been Lissy Lovett, Joanna Whitehead, Holly Combe, Ania Ostrowska, Megan Stodel and Helen G. To read about the history of the site before 2013, please see this post from previous editor Jess McCabe, along with this one from site founder Catherine Redfern.

Rotating editor: Lusana Taylor

Editor at large: Jess McCabe

Founder: Catherine Redfern

Treasurer: Lissy Lovett

Section editors

Comedy and theatre: Lissy Lovett

Comics: Emily Zinkin

Features: Genevieve Richardson

Non-fiction books and regular content: Lusana Taylor

Visual arts: Alice Parkin

Film and TV: Alessia Galatini

Politics: Ciara Garcha

Other editors and bloggers:

Picture editor: Jenny Williamson

Contributing editor and blogger: D H Kelly

Contributing editors: Holly Combe and Ania Ostrowska

The F-Word team includes:

Lusana Taylor
Lissy Lovett
Joanna Whitehead
Jess McCabe
Holly Combe
Genevieve Richardson
Emily Zinkin
D H Kelly
Ania Ostrowska
Jenny Williamson
Alice Parkin
Alessia Galatini
Ciara Garcha

More about the people behind The F-Word:

Lusana Taylor (non-fiction and regular content editor)

Lusana’s feminist awakening came by way of Bikini Kill and The Beauty Myth.

When she’s not working as an editor for an independent fiction publisher, she’s probably taking photos of her cat.

You can find her on Twitter here: @LusanaTaylor.

Lissy Lovett (comedy and theatre editor)

Q: How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: That’s not funny!

Lissy Lovett works in the arts and lives in London. She likes comedy, theatre, reality television, sewing, beer, Norwich City Football Club and feminism.

From time to time she tweets @lissylovett.

Joanna Whitehead

Jo is a London-based writer and editor specialising in LGBTQ+ lives, travel, women, culture and more.

She has written for The Independent, The i, DIVA magazine and PinkNews. From 2014-17, she was The F-Word’s music editor, and the site’s rotating editor from July 2017-18. Prior to focussing on writing full-time, Jo worked in the criminal justice system and charitable sector supporting victims of crime.

Originally from Yorkshire, she likes reading, long walks, music, petting stranger’s dogs and chocolate. You can find her on Twitter @MsWhitehead100

Alessia Galatini

Alessia Galatini is a London-based writer, screenwriter and film critic. She has a slightly unhealthy obsession for fictional characters and TV shows (that’s how she learnt about most things in life really). She believes in the power of media to shape the way we see the world. She has a soft spot for mythology, LGBT love stories and characters that raise issues of gender and identity. Some of her favourite creative minds include Margaret Atwood, Jeanette Winterson, Jordan Peele, Diablo Cody, Angela Robinson and Shonda Rhimes.

She has a BA in Creative Writing and an MA in Screenwriting from London College of Communication. She also really likes penguins. You can follow her on Instagram @alessiagalatini.

Ciara Garcha

Ciara is from Manchester and is passionate about all things politics and history! She loves books, writing and is a huge Manchester United fan. She is interested in pretty much anything relating to feminism and political history.
You can follow her on Twitter @c_garcha.

Jess McCabe (editor at large)

Jess edited The F-Word from February 2007 to May 2013. You might still see her name pop up on the site, if she gets herself together to write the occasional blog post, feature or review.

Jess makes a living as a reporter, currently covering a beat that includes social housing and environmental issues. She lives in South London with one bloke and two gigantic cats. Find her on Twitter @jester, or on Tumblr.

Holly Combe (contributing editor)

Holly Combe has been a feminist for as long as she can remember but became active when she joined Feminists Against Censorship (FAC). She started reading and contributing to The F-Word in 2002 after receiving an e-mail about the site in a Yahoo group she took part in at the time. She joined the blog in 2005, was a music editor from 2011 (a role she stayed in until 2014) and became editor of the TV section in 2013 (until 2016). She was the rotating editor from July 2016 to July 2017.

Holly has had writing published in a number of other outlets including Yahoo!, STUDIO magazine, Economic Issues, Scarlet magazine, The Guardian, The Fresh Outlook, The New Statesman, Bookslut, Girlchick and The Oxford Mail. She mainly works as a copy editor, but you can sometimes catch her taking part in radio debates or DJ’ing. Along with this, she has an MA in Applied Social Research.

You can follow Holly on Twitter @hollycombe.

Genevieve Richardson (features editor)

Genevieve Richardson is an occasional writer and full-time cat mother from London. She currently works as Parliamentary Assistant to a Labour MP. Her enthusiasm for feminism was firmly cemented during her master’s degree, in Development Studies. There, she also set up a feminist book club and ran sexual consent workshops for new graduate students.

She has a particular interest in intersectionality, gender-based violence, socialist feminism, and sex and body positivity. She also enjoys singing, learning new languages and cultivating her skincare collection. When she’s not tweeting about pop culture and embarrassing moments, she tweets earnestly about politics, gender and race @genev_ieve.

Emily Zinkin (comics editor)

Emily first became an active feminist at university where she was on the leadership team of the UoN Feminists. The roots of her feminism can be traced back as early as primary school, where she indignantly asked why there were only three women to 25 men to choose from for the class science project (she chose Marie Curie).

When Emily isn’t obsessing over media representation and superheroes (and talking about it at anyone who will listen), she can be found making truly exceptional cups of tea. Follow her on Twitter: @EmilyZinkin

D H Kelly (contributing editor and blogger)

D H Kelly had written occasionally for The F-Word before becoming a permanent blogger in 2014 and the features editor from 2015 to 2016. She also blogs at Diary of a Goldfish, where she founded the annual Blogging Against Disablism Day.

She also paints portraits, writes novels and is nearly fluent in the invented language, toki pona.

Catherine Redfern (founder)

Catherine Redfern founded The F-Word and was editor from 2001-2007. She is from Tameside, Manchester and has been living in London for about ten years, much to her parents’ annoyance. She is co-author, with Kristin Aune, of Reclaiming The F Word: The New Feminist Movement, a book about the resurgence and reclamation of feminism over the last ten years, today’s issues and today’s feminist activism.

The book was published in June 2010 by Zed Books. She hangs out @cathredfern and has various craft obsessions which she blogs about on her infrequently updated, unprofessional, low-key personal blog.

Ania Ostrowska (contributing editor)

Polish-British post-communist feminist, Ania Ostrowska moved to London in 2005 and has been involved with The F-Word since 2011. She was a Film (and sometimes TV) Editor (2011-2019), the blog’s Rotating Editor 2015/16 and is currently providing editorial help and occasionally blogging about women in film.

With her fingers in too many pies, she also has a PhD in Film from University of Southampton (having researched contemporary women documentarians working in the UK) and works as a freelance film journalist and programmer. Find her on Twitter (representing herself only) @ostrutka.

Alice Parkin (visual arts editor)

Alice is currently in Oxford doing a PhD on images of Amazon women in ancient art, but home is always London. She cares strongly about promoting the work of women artists and reconsidering the history of art from a female perspective, as well as boosting women’s voices in history more generally; she’s been co-producing the podcast Women in Oxford’s History since the summer of 2017. She’s especially interested in the important depths that intersectionality brings to all of these discussions and considers it a key aspect of modern feminism.

Otherwise she’s a huge sci-fi and fantasy nerd who lives in her local cinema, loves taking cat photos, playing videogames and making geeky embroidery. She’s on twitter @aliceeparkin.

Jenny Williamson (picture editor)

Jenny has been a feminist since the moment a savvy teacher pressed a copy of Eve Was Framed into her teenage hands. Over 15 years later, Jenny now has an astonishing number of books about feminism and more than one pair of feminist socks. She is an accountant, an advice column enthusiast and her idea of a cracking Friday night is a cinematic double-bill of a Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary and The Princess Bride.