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The F-Word relies upon contributions from readers. It would make us very, very happy indeed if you wanted to contribute anything to the site. The F-Word is an online magazine about and for contemporary UK feminism so we are concentrating on contributions relating to this.

Please note we cannot pay for submissions. Everyone who contributes to the site is a volunteer.

Guidelines for contributors to The F-Word


  • Contributions are encouraged from UK feminists, people living in the UK, or UK feminists currently living elsewhere. If you are unsure about this please check with the editor.
  • We are particularly keen to encourage and showcase new voices, and can offer help and support – just ask.


    You can contribute:

  • A feature, word count 1,000-5,000.
  • A review, word count should be between 800 and 3,000 words, but a good length would be 1,000-2,000 words.
  • You can also submit a shorter, one-off guest post for our blog, 800 words maximum, or put yourself forward for a month-long guest blogging slot.
  • The F-Word does not prescribe a certain type of feminism and accepts all types of feminist viewpoints. We like to encourage debate and the sharing of ideas. We accept that feminists have different views and we relish this. Don’t be afraid of being controversial. However, we won’t publish articles that are sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, disablist, ageist or sex-worker excluding.
  • The F-Word is an online magazine. Contributions should aim to read like an article in a magazine, rather than an academic paper. Footnotes are to be avoided – please work references into the body of the article, and try to make them readable to a wide audience. If you are using jargon, make sure to explain it.
  • Try not to libel anyone!
  • Please check your idea for a feature, review or blog post with the appropriate editor by emailing us using the contact details on this page.
  • We publish original pieces, and will not usually publish articles which have already appeared somewhere else. This includes personal blogs.
  • We also do not typically publish posts that are written for the purpose of promoting commercial activities, including pieces which contain off-topic links.
  • When?

  • There is no standard deadline for submitting pieces, but the editor may discuss this with you. Because the site is run by a small number of volunteers with other commitments, there may be a delay of weeks or months between your article being submitted, accepted and published on the site.

Please note that submissions are subject to an editing process.

Click here to contact the appropriate editor for your contribution.

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