News roundup for March 2001

Just window shopping?

Selfridges on Oxford Street, London, are famous for their amazing and innovative window displays, but have they gone too far this time? Their latest effort, in collaboration with Stringfellows(!), featured women pole-dancing in the windows wearing Selfridges clothes. When not performing at specific times, videos were shown in the wall of the gyrating dancers. Who needs Amsterdam?

“Do you have the smallest waistline in Britain?”

This is, unbelievably, what the Daily Mail were asking in an advertisement on March 1st. “Enter our competition and you could win £1,000, only in the Daily Mail today”. A competition for the smallest waistline in Britain? Have they gone insane? Do they aim to be irresponsible or are they just plain stupid? The mind boggles.

Women just can’t help it, poor dears

A recent study has supposedly proved that women just cannot help flirting and leading men on while conversing with them, whether they fancy them or not. Apparently we do this unconsciously, sending out flirtatious signals to every man we meet. Ahem. So… if I said you have a beautiful body would you hold it against me? Oops sorry – dont know where that came from!

Wonder if they make one for Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream?

Chocolate cravings? Now theres a cure for this ‘addiction’. “Crave Control ™” is a new product shaped exactly like a nicotine patch that you wear on your hand and sniff throughout the day. Coming soon to a Superdrug near you, the boxes are easily recognisable with purple and white packaging and a golden, italic logo, looking very suspiciously like a Cadburys Milk Chocolate bar. Cynical? Me? Nah. You think I’d mock these “Little Patches of Willpower(tm)” – only £19.99 for 21 days supply? Darn. You know me too well.

No sex please, we’re men!

Subject Magazine website

Next time you go into WH Smith, wander over to the mens lifestyle section and you may get a pleasant surprise. Just recently I walked past and my eye was drawn by a magazine with a black cover with this text on it:

“The first rule of mens lifestyle magazines: YOU MUST PUT SEX ON THE COVER.”

That was it. No bikini-clad women, just that, in huge red lettering. Revolutionary! The magazine is called Subject, uses the slogan “Question Everything”, and is apparently published without major backing of any kind. I really hope it does well; anything with that sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek attitude deserves to. However, judging by the fate of other publications that aimed to break the mould, it looks like Subject might have a rocky road ahead of it, to say the least. Never mind, at least the men are getting something different. What were the women offered this month? ‘In-Style’ and the novelty handbag-sized ‘Glamour’. Vive la revolution.