Our dear friend and comrade Helen Gregory

We have just heard the sad news that one of our own, Helen G (also known as helen_bleep and bird of paradox), has passed away.

Helen was such an important part of the blogging collective that ran the site from 2008 and was the site’s first rotating editor in 2013-14.

She was also our friend and we loved her.

We are still processing the news and sharing memories. We will be collating some of these for a longer post in future. If you would like to contribute some memories or words about Helen of your own for that post, please use this form.

Also, we know that Helen was fundraising for Esther Ghey’s charity, so please feel free to leave a donation, perhaps mentioning that you are doing so in Helen’s memory too.

The featured image shows a close-up photo of a nearby Magnolia x soulangeana (“White Tulip Magnolia”) tree in bloom. Its tulip-shaped white flowers are flushed purple/pink at the base and appear almost luminous against the leaden grey sky in the upper background. Directly behind it is the red brick outside wall of an adjacent property. (Description and picture by Helen G, on Mastadon.)