The Gilrlfrenzy Millenial

Erica Smith is the creator of GirlFrenzy, a popular zine published since 1991 that showcases the work of female comic strip artists, musicians, and general underground female culture. The GirlFrenzy Millenial is a special compilation of articles and art-work from the zine, published in the style of the girls annuals we all know so well! The book’s best use is as a jumping-off point: a great introduction to the world of female cartoonists. Erica’s in-depth first article describes the work of all the women featured in the book and many more, plus info on their other projects and contact details.

The articles are interesting; my favourites were a nostalgic peon to the IPC Jinty comics, and a tongue-in-cheek quiz: “So you think you want to live with your boyfriend?” (although I think my boyfriend should have read it before he moved in with me!). Other articles are about eco-warriors, interviews with female rock bands and record labels, an opinion on what causes sexual abuse, an investigation into non-monogamous lifestyles, Mary Shelley, and more stuff you definitely won’t get anywhere else. This book is an excellent way-in to the British, female underground scene.