It’s pink; it’s girlie; it ROCKS. This is Chica (issue 1), a new zine produced by artist Lucy Sweet and colleagues. It’s girlie feminism with a UK twist. Yippee!

In it’s own words:

Chica celebrates the rudest, crudest, silliest and glitteriest aspects of girlhood and doesn’t stop until the booze runs out! We know a sophisticated girl like you doesn’t want to read articles about pleasing your man or waxing your muff. We know you don’t want to see malnourished models wearing clothes which cost as much as a nuclear submarine… no diets, no models, no bullshit, no sales pitch, no neuroses – just 100% bad girl


Hell yeah. It’s like they read my mind.

If you read American mags such as Bust you might like this. It’s rude crude and very entertaining. Its packed with illustrations, interesting articles, stupid quizzes and spoofs – there’s even a photostory (that takes me back!). There’s riot grrrls aplenty, bitchy rants about celebrities, a “girly guide” to the web, dating advice, and more, such as an article about why “cellulite can be fun!” There’s a drunken guide to the bars of Glasgow with Belle and Sebastian. Cool.

I loved the Sex and the City spoof column – Slut in the City, written by a reet splapper from Stockport. Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out. Ohmygod – they mention STOCKPORT! And Levenshulme! And Barnsley! What more can I say?

Buy this now! And can I just point out the price? ONE POUND FIFTY.


You just don’t know how lucky you are. Send cheques for “1.50 to Lucy Sweet at the address above, plus 60p postage. Oh and by the way, she’s looking for contributions too…

Me and Lucy Sweet both agree on something. As she puts it, “There really should be more Bust-y type things going on to appeal to the sophisticated, foul-mouthed, intelligent gal about town.”

Yay! I’m looking forward to more foul-mouthed fun from Chica. To steal a comment used about this very website: “this zine rocks!”