News roundup for January 2002

Ladyfest London latest

For the latest ladyfest info and to keep updated on forthcoming events, contact [email protected]. It will be taking place from 1st-4th August 2002 at the Garage (Highbury and Islington) and other venues either close by. During the daytime there will be live bands, spoken word / performance art performances, film screenings and art exhibitions and workshops. If you can’t wait till then, go to the benefit gig and club night: Thursday 31st January, 7.30pm-2pm. Bands: Electrelane, The Suffrajets, Spy 51 and Bugeye DJs: Deb Brie and Debbie Smith. Stalls selling records, zines and other merchandise. Entry: £6. Location: The Garage, Highbury Corner. The Ladyfest team are in need of help and contributions of ideas and support. To find out more just contact Amy Spencer, [email protected] Tel: 07946 707239.

For more info on what Ladyfest is, go to the bottom of this page.

Caprice “breaks last taboo”

Review of The Vagina Monologues

John Walsh breaks the story in The Independent

Yes, the c-word has been uttered for the first time on British tv. And who was the revolutionary brave woman who had the courage to do this? Caprice, the American model, currently starring in The Vagina Monologues in London. And on what radical, cutting edge tv show did this happen? This Morning. And which tv presenters recoiled in horror and disgust at the supposedly “worst thing you can ever call someone”? Well, no-one actually. John Leslie and Fern Britton didn’t even bat an eye-lid. Only one viewer complained. Well, sure. Caprice on This Morning, talking about Reclaiming C*** is a little different from Liam Gallagher slurring “f*** you, you mother-f****** c***!” It’s all in the context, you see. And just to prove we at The F-Word aren’t scared to say it too: Cunt. Cunty cunt cunt. So ner.

Reports of Bust’s demise are greatly exaggerrated for latest news

Review of Bust

Bust fans will be pleased to know that despite the panic over the last couple of months about Bust, well, going bust – at the end of December Celina and Areola reassured fans that Bust will be back: “After our publishing company folded back in October, things were a little scary for us BUSTies. We thought it was all over. We were sad. We were heartbroken. We missed you. But, happily, we’ve been able to buy back the name BUST and will go back to publishing the magazine, independent-stylie once more! We signed the deal this week, and BUST is back in business. A brand spankin’ new issue of BUST will be out this Spring.”

Oh, my naive friends, if only it was that easy

You’ll like this. Apparently, the editors of U.S. Cosmopolitan and Maxim have got together and have written a joint statement declaring “the war of the sexes over.” The amazing “truce” tackles the truly burning, important issues of the day such as leaving the toilet seat up or down. Men have agreed to remember birthdays and major anniversaries, as long as women will let them off “less significant” dates like first-date anniversaries. The statement will be published in forthcoming issues in the U.S. What a truly historic moment! I hope someone nominates them for the nobel peace prize.

Widespread discrimination by political parties

Read the full report on the EOC website

Why not send a quick complaint via

A survey by Mori, Man Enough for the Job? has revealed widespread discrimination in the selection procedures of the Conservatives and Labour. More than 80% of Tory female candidates, and 60% of Labour, said that selection committees favoured men. The report exposes some bizarre and shameless comments made by politians, such as “you’re not man enough for the job” “You’re an excellent candidate, but we’re not ready for a woman”, and “I would rather have a jackass than a woman.” One Conservative pre-meeting was held at the men-only Carlton Club. It would be funny if it wasn’t so very annoying!

Opening of The Women’s Library on 31st January

The Women’s Library

The new Women’s Library in London, (formally the Fawcett Library), is due to open on 31st January, to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the founding of the library. It exists to “document and explore women’s lives in Britain in the past, present and future, inspire learning and debate through the collections and related programmes, act as an international resource for research into women’s history.” The new library will work as part library, part museum and cultural centre, with an exhibition hall, conference facilities and a cafe. Its new address is: Old Castle Street, London, E1 7NT.

Female army recruits have more injuries

A study claimed that female army recruits were twice as likely as men to suffer injury in training. This is thought to be because, since 1998, women and men are given the identical training and expected to reach the same standards as their male colleagues. This is believed to put more stress onto women’s bodies.

About Ladyfest:

Ladyfest London is a celebration of the achievements of women, primarily in music and the arts. It is community-based, democratically-organised and not-for-profit, with money raised being donated to women’s charities. It follows in a series of earlier successful events, starting with the inaugural Ladyfest in Olympia, USA in August 2000, and continuing in 2001 with Ladyfest Scotland in Glasgow, UK, as well as similar events in New York and Chicago. Ladyfest London is planned for August 1-4 2002, as part of a world wide series of events including Ladyfests in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Bay Area and Southern USA. Ladyfest London will be organised around several concerts of live music at venues in central London – likely to play are artists such as Electrelane and Angelica from the UK and The Gossip and The Hissyfits from the USA. However, it will also be a hugely varied affair, featuring art, film, spoken word, poetry and performance art as well as seminars and workshops on both art and politics. Although it is organised predominantly by women, it is important that Ladyfest convey its message to men too, and the festival is open to all. The main aims of Ladyfest London are to showcase the talents of women working in the creative arts, to build a sense of community among female artists/musicians/activists, and to give women a chance to participate in the organisation of a large-scale project. For more information on Ladyfest London or the benefit night at the Garage, please contact: Amy Spencer, email: [email protected], Tel: 07946 707239