Be Unlimited

Like a growing number of women my age I have recently felt that an old friend, the women’s glossy, has deserted me. In my teens she was attentive to my every need, answering many questions and advising me on how best to run my life. In my early twenties she tempted me with the promise of a better sex life, a slimmer figure and a wardrobe full of inexpensive clothes that would make me look and feel fantastic. But what is she doing now that I’m pushing thirty and, quite happily, child free? She’s deserted me for a younger crowd! Instead of growing with me, the women’s glossy has abandoned me in magazine-limbo because she no longer knows what I want. If only she’d asked.

Luckily, another woman who was feeling this way has decided to do something about it. In the first issue of her new magazine, Rebekah Renton comments, “I don’t know about you, but I am sick of reading about the 10 best ways to reach orgasm and how to give the best blow jobs. I wanted something to provide a regular inspiration hit”. Be Unlimited certainly does that. I wouldn’t usually buy a magazine that subscribes to that mind/body/spirit philosophy, but this one did offer a whole lot more for the non-spiritual among us so I thought it was worth a try. Plenty of business and career related articles make the title a good read for most, but the distinct lack of adverts is also a pleasant surprise. You may think that £3.75 is quite steep for such a thin magazine but, apart from the back cover, only 12% of it is devoted to advertising which is unbelievably good value for money.

Be Unlimited certainly speaks to a different type of woman than most monthly magazines

As I have wanted a new magazine to fill the void for some time now, the news that a title with intelligent content for women was to hit the shelves meant that I simply had to buy a copy. Determined to help a new start-up get some sales, I just picked it off the shelf without a second glance and hoped for the best. Mind you, I needed to have a look round before I found it in the first place as WHSmith obviously weren’t sure where to put it – I eventually found it with the other random ‘lifestyle’ magazines so you may need to ask to locate a copy. It is worth searching out, however, as there is plenty of completely new articles within its covers. Nothing re-subbed from last year’s bikini special, and no top 100 sexiest men, thankfully! There didn’t seem like an awful lot of variety though and rather a lot of motivational stuff, but I noticed that the spine message calls it “the inspiration issue”, so I wonder if this means that the focus will change every month?

With articles on how to manage your boss, find the solution to any problem, makeover your career and discover your hidden talents, Be Unlimited certainly speaks to a different type of woman than most monthly magazines. Although mainly focussed on business and personal development, it will appeal whether you have a career or simply a job because it fills the gap that modern life leaves. Renton created the magazine because her employers didn’t understand the concept of work/life balance and so she started her own business, whereas some of us aren’t finding a solution to our mixed up lives as easy to come by. Whatever I decide to do with my life to make it more fulfilling, perhaps a large helping of ‘brain food’ from Be Unlimited is exactly what the doctor ordered.

When she’s not rummaging around the magazine shelves at her local Borders store, you will find Raine Stretford writing for her website.