Andrea Dworkin 1946-2005

Many of you will have already heard about the untimely death of Andrea Dworkin last weekend. She died in her sleep, aged 59.

You can read a biography of Andrea (which she prepared before her death) on the Women in London website. G2 carried a good obituary and accompanying article. You can also find a respectful obituary in the Financial Times, a somewhat snarky one in The Times (“With probability-defying regularity, she herself fell victim to the violence, misogyny and bias that supplied the primary theme of her speeches and more than a dozen books”) and one in The Telegraph which, whilst a bit contemptous in places, has some great quotes from Andrea.

She was a truly inspiring character and probably one of the most maligned of all major feminist activists and thinkers. We need more voices like her, and she will be sadly missed.