Women speak out about their abortions

It’s often said that abortion is not given much in the way of airtime. And certainly not in a way that portrays the complex reasons behind women’s choice to have an abortion.

So, following on from I’m not sorry, the American internet phenomenum that gave women a chance to express the fact that, you guessed it, they’re not sorry they had an abortion, comes a new documentary film.

The Abortion Diaries has a similar premise (via SFist).

On the website, director Penny Lane explains:

“i had an abortion a few years ago. it was really, really hard. i made the right choice, and i am not at all apologetic about it. but the silence almost killed me. when i finally started to tell people what i was going though, something happened. it turned out that there were all these women around me who had had abortions too. all of our experiences were different, but none of our lives were ruined, none of us regretted it, and all of us had somehow made sense of it all.”