Actually, I prefer mine warm

There are some new Fosters billboard ads out at the moment showing people trying to keep their lager (sorry guys, but it’s not beer) cold by holding their pint underneath something which casts a shadow. One shows a bride and groom, the groom with what I can only describe as a smug laddy expression, holding his pint under the bride’s veil, she shooting daggers at him with her eyes. Nice.

But that’s par for the course. I noticed another ad recently from the same series; what was very unusual was that the pint holder was a woman. What was interesting was that she was holding her pint underneath the chest of a extremely “well endowed” tall woman wearing a very tight fitting dress.

We practically never see women drinking beer in adverts: in fact in many they are explicitly excluded. For a prime example see Young’s frankly pathetic “It’s a Ram’s World” campaign (click on “advertising” at the top to see the ads, which probably set back CAMRA’s laudable but slightly misguided   attempts to attract women to real ale by several decades).

Is it cynical of me to wonder why the only time an ad shows a woman drinking beer or lager, she just happens to be doing so in a way that would probably be seen as rather sexist if it were a man?