Labour elect historic numbers of women MPs

The votes are in: we all know what happened, but what does it mean for women in the House of Commons?

The detailed figures have yet to be worked out (by me at any rate, I’m waiting on the Fawcett society to do the work!) but the Labour party now has 98 women MPs: more women MPs than any party has ever had before, thanks to their all-women short list policy.

However, the question now is how many will end up in the Cabinet. A spokeswoman for the Fawcett Society said: "Now that it is unacceptable to talk about women as ‘the weaker sex’, it is time to acknowledge that women should be in cabinet in equal numbers to men and can be the ‘big hitters’ in government too.

"When the cabinet, like any decision-making body is picked from too narrow a group of people, it lacks the breadth of experience to understand the lives of the electorate and come up with new solutions."