Masturbation, sex-ed and US development policy

Betty Dodson, masturbation activist and author of Sex for One is interviewed in AlterNet today.

It’s a really interesting, but short interview, in which talks she about feminism steeling her thunder in bringing back vibrators and the perils of modern day censorship and family values in America.

On the current trend towards abstinance-only sex-ed, she says: “Very few women know anything anyway, but now they are really going to know nothing. It’s a big fat zero. And we are going to have a lot of unplanned pregnancies. I grew up in Kansas. A lot of girls ended up getting married in high school. I think we might see that again.

“The idea that talking to young people about birth control will encourage partner sex is ridiculous. What would help is a discussion of masturbation.”

More seriously, the Guardian today reports that Brazil has refused US funding on HIV/AIDS, because of the restrictive terms that come attached on abortion, prostitution and contraception. Good on Brazil for standing up to the US on this issue, but what a tragedy for the people of Brazil who are losing out on much needed aid.