Police hold event to highlight hate crime in London

Londoners: the Southwark Police Hate Crime Unit is hosting an event in Elephant & Castle meant to improve relations between lesbian and gay locals and the police.

It is taking place at the Elephant & Castle shopping centre (yes, the pink ugly one they want to tear down and turn into the new Covent Garden), between 11am and 4pm this Wednesday.

The event will “promote awareness of hate crimes and attempt to ensure lesbian and gay people feel safer”. It also marks the 10th anniversary of the Southwark Anti Homophobic Forum.

Elephant & Castle is literally just down the road from the Feminist Library if you feel like dropping by. Visits are by appointment only at the moment, though, so make sure you call ahead. The Library is currently looking for volunteers for all types of activities, from cataloguing, contributing to the newsletter and helping out during opening hours to membership of the management committee.