Chicks and joysticks

Women are making slow progress integrating into the gaming industry, The Guardian reports today.

The Government has recently started a big push to get more girls interested in IT, in the hope it will lead to a less-male dominated working environment in years to come, but girls are still reluctant to consider it as a career option – or just don’t know what opportunities are out there.

According to Fawcett Society statistics, only 22% of IT A level candidates are female, compared to 95% for home economics A level.

And even if they get that game industry job, they may face discrimination. An Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association report, Chicks and Joysticks, found that “female UK games professionals progress more slowly through the company ranks” than men.

Although some games, notably the Sims, have attracted girls and women, the market is still male-dominated – making it less likely that girls will aspire to develop games as a career.