Going Down With Advertising Standards

My eye was drawn, in last issue’s Private Eye (issue 1133, 27/5-9/6/05) to the Ad Nauseam column, and to a little piece about the recent Keep Britain Tidy campaign, which is apparently being aimed at 18-24 year olds. The posters are described in the piece thus: “three images of a horny hunk and buxom blondes asking ‘While you’re down there…’ (at which point the eye is drawn to the pay-off line, printed on their crotch) ‘could you put this in the bin for me?'” the ladies in question are holding “items of litter” apparently. Apparently a Manchester agency called Lake Design created the advert, and the Eye conclude that the tiny size of the agency and the budget might have had something to do with the “attention seeking” approach, but they did pose the question “did it have to be quite so inane as to think that sex and refuse collection was a good fit?” apparently the beermats to accompany the campaign feature the same images, leading inevitably, speculate the Eye, to more litter.