Minister for Women sets out priorities

Interviewed in The Guardian yesterday, the new Minister for Women, Meg Munn (the one who\x92s been asked to do the job unpaid as the parliamentary salary budget has been spent elsewhere \x85 ) sets out her priorities for her time in office. These include:

* The Women and Work Commission (looking into job segregation and pay-gap issues);

* Ratification of the Equality Bill (brings together different equality commissions including those for race, disability, gender, into one single body);

* The Work and Families Bill (proposing increased maternity leave, and the possibility of transferring maternity leave allowance to fathers); and

* Flexible working.

She also says she\x92s supportive of all-women shortlists, and is keen to emphasise that measures such as the Work and Families Bill are going to be good for men too. You can have a look at her voting record here. I\x92m looking forward to hearing more from her!