Orgasm is Genetic

According to researchers from Keele and London our ability to reach an orgasm isn’t related to our partners skill as a lover or how in the mood we are but our genetics.

Research Professor Tim Spector and colleagues has argued that it is an evolutionary advantage for women to have genetically different abilities to orgasm as it means those women who can orgasm more easily are satisfied with less experienced or skillfull partners.

Professor Spector did admit that “It is possible that their [genes] influence is physical, causing variations in the G-spot, or psychological, altering arousal”, he said. His research states men only fail to reach orgasm around 2% of the time compared to around 40% for women.

Of course what he didn’t mention was that he asked about orgasm during penetration which has already been proven as unlikely to stimulate a woman to orgasm without additional stimulation. But then I guess it allows less skilled lovers to blame their partners genes rather than their own lack of performance….