Padme not as cool as Leia

Star Wars. It seems to have taken over the planet. I’ve personally managed to avoid watching it on principle, because George Lucus should not be getting rich off making endless, terrible movies that only get an audience because they cash in on something good he made a really, really long time ago.

But Gina Barreca has delivered a damning verdict on the latest film, saying that from Leia to Padme, Lucus regressed from feisty, smart heroine to pathetic drip.

She says: “When little girls want to be the new heroine, Padm\xE9 (the name sounds like a new line of bras), what is it precisely they’ll be doing?

“As far as I can tell, she gets knocked up, pops out twins like English muffins from a toaster and then expires, like a carton of old milk.”

(Thanks to Nicolette for forwarding this on to me)