Are there any female superheros? Yes!

As Batman Begins hits the screens, Tanya Gold (writing for the Guardian), asks where are all the female superheros?.

On the big screen, she’s right – they’re few and far between, and unconsciounably drippy. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Of course, Buffy is way up there.

But Gold, and anyone else in the mood for superhero(ine) action should also check out Wikipedia’s comprehensive list of superheroines. Of course, just because you’re a female superhero, doesn’t mean you’re an empowered woman. Here are some edited recommendations:

Tank Girl. The movie was so-so, but the comics are brilliant.

The Authority. Jenny Sparks – the spirit of the 20th century.


Halo Jones


If superheroines are not your thing, then the comic book/graphic novel world features increasing numbers of interesting characters written for and/or by women, such as:

Julie Doucet‘s dark and grimy diary of her time in New York.


Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore, a love/friendship story about two high school girls.