Indian guerillas kidnapping rural women, forcing them into porn

Guerilla fighters in the north east of India have long been known to kidnap tribal women from remote areas. But in a new twist on this practice, the National Liberation Front of Tripura are now known to be forcing them to make porn films the BBC reports.

The practice has come to light after former guerillas told police that they had witnessed “scores” of films being produced in this way. The DVDs are polished to high standards by willing local video production companies, and then dubbed into multiple languages suggesting they are being distributed across borders.

The owner of one video production company is quoted by the BBC as saying: “We know the insurgents are behind these films. When we process their raw stock, we can see boys standing around with automatic rifles and revolvers pulling in girls but we are supposed to cut all that out and just concentrate on the sex.”

Even when the local “community” step in to halt this practice, the women themselves bear the brunt. The BBC reports: “In the state of Manipur, some girls who acted in porn films were shot in the legs, as were the producers.”