Men smarter than women?!

It takes a certain type of person to dedicate their career to proving one gender is brainier than the other. And, following on from headlines claiming ‘It’s official, men are smarter than women’, now we know exactly what type of person that is.

It turns out that Professor Richard Lynn of Ulster University, one of the scientists behind this claim – published in the British Journal of Psychology – has also done studies trying to ‘prove’ that white people are more intelligent than black people, and even that lighter-skinned black people are cleverer than those with darker skin, The Guardian reveals.

Now, Professor Lynn’s study is based on notoriously biased IQ tests. According to him there are more men than women with very high scores. There are, the study claims, 5.5 men for every woman with a score of 155. And there are two men for every one woman with an IQ of 125, the level supposedly needed for a first class degree.

Which reveals just how shaky the ground is that IQ test scores actually equate to intelligence – at university, indeed, up until PhD level, women vastly outperform men.

But the real question here is why are these – rather pointless and suspiciously motivated – studies being done in the first place? I think Professor Lynn’s own research background answers that question rather aptly.