Nick Ferrari Gets Precious About Marriage

Liberal views don’t seem to be very fashionable right now. The backlash against so-called “political correctness” continues to give self-righteous shock-jocks a much-needed window of credibility and yet it seems there are some issues where even the most vehement rebels against progress start fudging their words…

LBC radio host Nick Ferrari was on the Heaven and Earth show today, being his usual PC-bashing self. However, when the matter of same-sex marriage came up, he became somewhat more careful, saying that “of course” same-sex partners should have certain legal rights as couples but that he had difficulty with the idea of calling such a commitment a marriage. He then added, somewhat cryptically, “I don’t know why.”

Benedictine monk and Thought of the Day star, Dom Antony Sutch took a similar view, while Coronation Street actor, Shobna Gulati and athlete Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson were more progressive.

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