Poll shows women more hostile to abortions than men

A survey conducted by well-respected online pollsters YouGov has found that only 27% of UK adults (and only 19% of women) believe that the current legal limit for abortion – 24 weeks \x96 is appropriate. 30% of people (and 35% of women) feel that 20 weeks is the more appropriate limit, whilst 6% of respondents (equal proportions of men and women) thought abortion should not be legal at all.

A staggering number of people \x96 79% of all adults and 84% of women \x96 thought either "some but not many" or "many" women "do not protect themselves adequately against unwanted pregnancies and instead use abortion as a form of birth control".

Roughly half of those questioned thought the current arrangements for getting a termination were "broadly satisfactory", with a further 30% (once again, more women than men) saying it is too easy to get an abortion in Britain today.