Girls On Film

The Independent Heroines Film Festival stops in Manchester (at the Cornerhouse) on 15th September, where for £3, including drinks, you’ll be able to see two hours of films, introduced by the organisers, Lisa Brook and Lady Lucy.

The original Independent Heroines took place as part of Ladyfest Bristol 2003, and the 2005 festival took place in Bristol in February. According to the Cornerhouse, “the festival includes inspirational figures past and present from the world of politics, music, art, radical cheerleading, skateboarding, and B movies.”

Films included in the Manchester date include: The Gossip, Cheer Up!, Schla-la-las video, Amazing Graves, girl skate workshop video, A Woman’s Place, ILC and Don’t Do Tricks. Refreshments will be provided.

Independent Heroines is showing in Manchester as part of (prologue) New Feminism/New Europe, which features a huge number of international figures, including Chicks On Speed. The event has been running since 29th July, and concludes on the 18th September.

Also, Independent Heroines is on tour, so if you didn’t get to Bristol in February, and can’t get to Manchester in September, it’s bound to turn up in your neck of the woods at some point.