Insult to Injury

Not only has Gordon Ramsay shamelessly ripped off this website’s name for his new show, The F Word , but he has compounded the injury by apparently claiming that “women can’t cook

“Oh Gordon, get off your high horse and get back to the kitchen where you belong!” said Jakki Higginbottom in the comments section of the BBC site.

Get back in the kitchen? Hee hee!

In fact I was aware of the show’s existence a few months ago when the sadly missed Andy Roberts sent me an email about it.

Are we threatened? Nah. There may be imitators, but we are still the original and the best. :-)

Although seeing “the F Word” on a massive billboard near my house is a little disconcerting. But what’s more disconcerting is the fact that now I have to walk past the billboard every day, when the image on it is a topless Gordon Ramsey sat in a bath full of caviar. Euw…