Christmas for Feminists

As Christmas is coming earlier and earlier these days, and the weather is finally getting cold and, well, wintry, it seems timely to consider how to make your Christmas a Feminist Christmas.

Firstly (and foremost, considering what a consumerist bloodbath the winter holiday has become), presents. The Good Gifts catalogue is back this year, with a number of alternatives, including a children’s library for a women’s refuge and saris for disadvantaged women in India. (Although Zoe Williams was speculating as early as September! that such benevelont intentions may go down the wrong way, not least because: “Although it is your giftee who has forgone a Body Shop gift set for the sake of the global goat population, it is you who gets the feelgood sensation.”)

If you want to give a more tangible present, and enjoy the paper/ribbons ritual, the Feminist Majority Foundation has its own online store of feminist gifts, including a Girls Rock! gift set, or a subscription to Ms. and t-shirt parcel.

As usual, Bust has a great selection of t-shirts, crafty bits and bobs, sex toys and accessories. And it’s always worth thumbing the last issue for interesting ads.

Or if you want to avoid shipping something from across the pond, there is always Silver Moon.

When it comes to the other Yuletide rituals, Ethical Consumer has some great tips. And although maybe it’s not a particularly feminist issue, the Vegetarian Society is a good source of recipes.

Meanwhile, if Christmas raises your aetheist/anti-consumerist hackles, you could always skip all that and figure out what type of humanist you are, or check out this guide to your own anti-Christmas, including alternative cards and other tips on the Christmas resistance.

And for some seasonal feminist humour, check out the holiday issue of Girl Comic.

Feel free to email in any other suggestions, using the comments form.