Reclaim the Night and News Update

Just a quick reminder that tonight is the Reclaim the Night march in London. The women-only march kicks off at 6pm at Soho Square. It will end with a party at the ULU which is open to all genders!

Meanwhile Naomi Wolf argues that we need a strong lobby group to push for tougher action on rape, and explains how the political climate has shifted around violence against women in the US. The only group she even mentions is the WI. Is it a terrible indictment of the current state of affairs that the WI springs to mind not the Fawcett Society? I have long thought there is a need for a better funded, more media-savvy pressure group to campaign on these issues.

And internationally a Unicef report reveals the horrifying statistic that 3 million women and girls a year are forced to undergo genital mutilation every year.

Meanwhile, here in the UK a recruitment firm survey shows that companies are ‘blacklisting’ women of ‘child-bearing age’ for jobs.