Something Warm On These Dark Winter Nights…

Lingerie manufacturers in Japan have come up with a novel way to help reduce greenhouse gases: by launching the world’s first microwaveable bra. Japan is encouraging it’s residents not to turn up their heaters this winter, as they’re worried about greeenhouse gases and the effect on the environment, so maybe microwaveable bra’s aren’t as bizarre as they sound.

They work by using pads which are filled with “eco friendly, reusable gel that can be heated up in a microwave or with hot water”, a pendant of hot pepper dangles from the front, and a large strap – like a boa – apparently, dangles down the back, the idea being to use it to keep your neck warm.

The report I got this from seems a little put out that said bra’s aren’t very sexy, but since they’re made by Triumph you wonder how un-sexy they could feasibly be. There’s some very interesting stuff in the piece about Japan’s attempts to control global warming, which make good reading, even if said piece does have the unfortunate title ‘Toasty Baps’. Hmmmm… nice.