Quote of the Day

from Mind The Gap via Volsunga:

When the feminist revolution is done, when every girl is raised to have high self- esteem and empowered by society to say “No”, when all young people receive proper sex education, when everyone has access to free and safe contraception, when men take equal responsibility for preventing pregnancy with women, when there is no stigma attached to single motherhood, when every woman who does get pregnant unexpectedly has a real choice because having the baby will not cause her to lose her degree or job or house or ruin her life in any other way because women are always fully supported when they have unplanned children, when no woman is ever raped, on that day perhaps we will be pleased to find that the need for abortion is limited. Until that day, access to safe, legal abortion for all women is essential and must be defended because history has already shown us that a world with enforced childbirth does not represent a “culture of life.”

Couldn’t put it better myself, so I won’t try.