Women urged back to kitchen by US columnists!

It sometimes seems like our friends across the pond are so overendowed with rightwing columnists that not a day goes by without me reading at least ten seperate deconstructions of their latest printed atrocities.

As such it is no surprise that Pandagon today features not one but two rebuttals to columns by David Brooks, John Tierney and Mary Eberstadt. The first two seem to be staunch defences of why women should, quite literally, return to the kitchen. And the third is an analysis of pop music attempting to show that the youth of today are traumatised by memories of their parents’ divorces. I will let the fine folks at Pandagon, and the multiple other US blogs they link up, speak for themselves on this subject because none of these points seem worth the time rebutting, so stupid are they.

I would only add that I wholeheartedly agree – if parental divorce is the worst thing to happen to you, count yourself unfathomably lucky.

But I will add my own link to this interesting article in the NY Times, about a woman who was a “cheerleader” for domestic bliss and career motherhood until she was divorced after 40 years of marriage.