A quarter of a million feminist bloggers! (and the new carnival is up)

There are a quarter of a million feminist bloggers on the internet. Or so says the person who set up the Carnival of Feminists (which we have been honoured to be included on more than once, including this month). Over at Blog Critics, Natalie Bennet explains her logic:

If you take a baseline figure for total blogs of somewhere north of four million, (yes I’ve seen much larger, but I’m trying to get at an “active” figure, combine that with the fact about 60 per cent of those are run by women, that produces 2.4 million blogs.

Now I don’t think I’d be going too far – in fact I’m probably being conservative, in saying that 10 per cent of those women, at least, must be feminist, whether they’d use that label or not. (If they occasionally post “it’s not fair” in relation to gender – or proclaim their right to be who they want to be, and to do what they want to do, I’d class that as feminist.)

So there must be at least 240,000 feminist blogs out there. Well we’ve highlighted a few hundred in the editions thus far, but there are still plenty yet to be “discovered” by the carnival.

Why not sample some of them over on Mind the Gap, who are hosting the latest Carnival: here. There’s some really exciting looking stuff this time, in particular in terms of female African bloggers and body politics.