Cameron takes paternity leave despite voting against it

Ah, the hypocrisy. David Cameron, the Tory party’s still new-ish leader, is taking his full two weeks in paternity leave after the birth of his third child. Which would be great, if he hadn’t voted against the entitlement to do so only a few short years ago.

At least he’s setting a good example, the Fawcett Society’s director Dr Katherine Rake, believes: “Our society still works on the model of mothers as carers and fathers as breadwinners – a pattern that is limiting to both sexes.

“In order to break down those stereotypes and move to a more equal sharing of paid work and caring, it is essential that we see work-life balance as a concern for men as well as for women.

“David Cameron’s decision to take his full paternity leave allowance leads the way in promoting caring roles for men.”

Lets hope he’s really changed his mind then.